revolving door -emergency

Revolving Systems

Horton Automatics revolving door systems offer dramatic architectural appeal, energy efficiency and the ability to move vast pedestrian traffic. The product offering comes in a wide selection of finishes, diameters, door wing configurations, glazing options, sensors and security features.
sliding doors

Sliding Door Systems

Horton Automatic sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The breadth of this product offering from Horton Automatics is unparalleled in the industry

intensive care unit doors

Intensive Care Units

Hospitals and medical facilities have specialized access needs that drive the toughest building codes. Horton continues to address these needs by developing first-to-market systems such as the self-closing smoke-rated ICU/CCU door systems and the first airborne infection isolation room door that requires no power.
swing doors

Swinging & Folding Doors

Horton Automatics offers its 4000 series and 7000 series swing operators to provide a full range of swinging and folding access solutions.

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